Best blenders for ice and frozen fruit | Top Pick 2023

John Newbranch
Post date 04.19.2023

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In this article, I have gathered the best blenders for ice and frozen fruit for 2023, based on research, experience, and customer reviews.

I’ve spent the last weeks scouring the internet in order to create this definitive list of the best blenders for ice and frozen fruits for 2023.

I base my rankings on what both consumers and professional users have to say about the products as well as my own experience at home and working in restaurants.

Blenders are a great way to make a healthy snack in no time. If you are used to blending a lot of ice or frozen fruit smoothies you know that it can take its toll. So you need the best blender for the job!

So let’s jump right into it!

Here is what this article will cover:

Top Pick for Best Smoothie Blender: Ninja Professional Blender

Best Budget Blender: Oster My Blend

Best Personal Blender: Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Best High-End Blender: Vitamix Explorian E310

Best Portable Blender: PopBabies Portable Blender

Best Quiet Blender: BlendTec Professional 800 

Best Small Blender: NutriBullet 600W Personal Blender

Best Large Blender: Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Best Professional Blender: Vitamix “The Quiet One”

Best Multi-Use Blender: Nutribullet Blender Combo

Top pick – Ninja Professional Blender


  • Powerful motor for crushing ice
  • Multiple speed settings
  • BPA free
  • Stainless steel contruction
  • High quality blades


  • Hard to clean in some places
  • Some customers say its a bit loud
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This is my top pick for best blender for frozen smoothies for 2023 . The Ninja Professional Blender has a lot of things going for it that makes it worth it. 

Let’s start with its major selling point; it makes quick work of ice and frozen fruits thanks to its 1100 watt motor. On top of this you have three manual speed settings and a pulse option.

This professional countertop blender also comes with single serve options for to-go cups as well as a 72 oz pitcher for the entire family. And the entire construction is built to last in stainless steel.

The blades on the Ninja are stainless steel and the BPA free construction is dishwasher safe. However some customers have noted that some hard to reach areas of the machine can be difficult to clean.

Best budget – Oster Myblend


  • Low price
  • Better built quality than expected
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t make as smooth blends as competitors
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The Oster Myblend is a simple, low priced little blender that barely takes up any space. Great for students or people that want to get into smoothie making without spending a fortune. 

You won’t have too many problems throwing ice and frozen fruits into this thing as long as you don’t overdo it. Thanks to its powerful motor it performs well for its size. Now you can’t expect to get high end results from a budget blender but for the price it does the job well.

The nicely designed cup for the Oster Myblend is perfect for bringing your smoothies wherever you go. Making this a great option if you are looking for a portable blender for a lower price.

The design is easy to clean and the cup and container are both dishwasher safe.

Best personal – Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Another great offering by Ninja. If you’re looking for a personal blender that combines compact size and full size power then I have what you are looking for.


  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Simple to use


  • Cups are a bit too small
  • Noisy
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This blender is outfitted with twice the power of its size competitors. This makes it surprisingly powerful and lets you make quick work of all things frozen.

A perfect one person capacity of 16 ounces in its one size personal cup is perfect for making your post workout smoothie. You get multiple cups with lids and they are dishwasher safe for that extra comfort. All this while taking up virtually no space on your counter. 

The ninja fit avoids any overcomplicated settings and other gimmicks making it simple to use and affordable. This limit in features makes for a cheap and simple blender with all you need and nothing you don’t.

Best High End – Vitamix Explorean E310


  • Works great with ice and frozen fruit
  • Powerful
  • Variable settings


  • Quite large
  • Only one jar
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This “made in america” blender can handle anything you throw at it and more! 

Made to last with a 5-year warranty and its no nonsense features and powerful engine makes this a top choice for blending frozen fruit or crushing ice.

Vitamix is known to make things of quality and the Explorean E310 is no exception. It has countless reviews from consumers and reviewers about the high quality build.

The base plate is made from a combination of plastic and metal and the beaker is BPA free. The blades are made from aircraft grade stainless steel and will chop through anything. 

The main reason I chose the E310 as the best high end overall is the adjustable speed and pulse control.

These features combined with the 2 HP motor on this thing lets you make quick work of everything from ice to spinach with the perfect consistency every time. Making it the best kitchen buddy you could hope for when preparing delicious green smoothies.

Best portable – PopBabies Portable Blender


  • Low price
  • works while charging
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Struggles with leavy ingredients like kale
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If you want a blender you can bring anywhere you go then the PopBabies Portable Blender is the one for you. This thing lets you make smoothies no matter where you are, from the gym to the office. You can even use this thing on the go thanks to the battery.

The PopBabies comes with a 14 oz, dishwasher safe jar that is easy to bring anywhere. The blender works for making smoothies, protein shakes, baby food and crushing ice thanks to its surprisingly powerful motor. 

In contrast to most competitors this thing works even when charging. Perfect if you want to alternate between using it as a countertop blender and a portable one.

Best quiet – Blendtec Professional 800


  • Very quiet
  • Very versatile
  • Different attachments


  • Premium price tag
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If you are prone to making smoothies on a sunday morning while the whole family is trying to sleep in or you just want to avoid the ringing in your ears that comes with some lower quality blenders then the blendtec professional 800 is for you. 

Blendtec is a well known company and its professional line is made to give you the ability to bring commercial blenders into your kitchen. Now this has a few drawbacks such as the higher price tag and slightly steeper learning curve but the pros massively outweigh the few cons of this blender.

First of all the noise level is at an impressive 60 decibel, the same level as a normal conversation. This means that there are no more complaints from family members or neighbors about noise. 

The combination of horsepower (3.8 HP) and the wide array of settings is also necessary when tackling everything you can throw at it from ice to nuts with the consistency you’re looking for. 

A neat little feature that I really like is the LED display which will give you an explanation when you get an error code. Something that people with a slightly shorter fuse than others will appreciate.

Best small – NutriBullet 600W Personal Blender


  • Powerful for the size
  • Great value for the money
  • Small size
  • Packability
  • Versatile thanks to infinite attachment options


  • Can be tricky to put together at first
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Running out of space on your kitchen counter but still need a blender? The Nutribullet personal blender has you covered.

This no nonsense little blender is for those of us that just want to throw some delicious greens into our smoothie and go. The 18 and 24 ounce cups with a to-go lid work great and for its size the motor makes great work of fibers and nuts. 

The nutribullet isn’t only made for your counter, this thing doubles as a decent travel blender. The metal and hard plastic body coupled with the small size makes this thing perfect for sticking in your travel bag or suitcase.

So if you want a small personal blender for your kitchen or something to bring on trips then it is certainly with giving this blender a try, it will at least not break your bank.

Best professional – Vitamix “The quiet one”


  • Super quiet
  • High power
  • Makes quick work of ice and frozen fruit
  • Options for built-in design
  • Well-liked by professional users


  • Expensive
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This is more geared towards you business owners than anyone else. If you run a juicing business, small or large, and you need something that can perform as well as any other premium blender without all that noise you should really consider buying this one. 

Nothing drives away customers more than ringing ears from a screaming blender.

Let’s cut straight to the chase here: this thing has one job and that’s making perfect blends silently, and it does one hell of a job at it! 

If you don’t believe me or any of the other reviewers out then maybe the fact that most of the major companies such as Starbucks use this thing might convince you.

While a “non silenced” commercial blender might reach up to 95 decibels, basically someone screaming in your ear, this thing will get that intensity down to a calm and soothing 65 decibels, or a normal conversation for comparison.

The Quiet One is not all about being silent though, this thing delivers on all fronts. The quality is what you expect from a high end blender with stainless steel blades and a powerful motor.

You get all the quick blend options you want and 6 shortcut buttons and you can choose to get this as an on the counter blender or built in.

All in all if you’re looking for a great blender for your business that will improve you and your employees quality of life while at the same time delivering on all other fronts then look no further.

Best multi-use – Nutribullet Blender Combo


  • Well priced
  • Many options
  • Great performance for both fresh and frozen fruit
  • Reasonably compact


  • Personal cup design could be improved
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The Nutribullet Blender Combo could have won the Best Value slot as well since this thing gives all you need in one well priced package.

The Blender Combo comes with three jars. The first is a 64 ounce pitcher, perfect for family size servings or cooking. The two others are 32 and 24 ounces with handles and lids if you want them to-go. 

This blender consistently makes creamy vegetable smoothies without lumps, no matter which jar you choose. It doesn’t struggle with frozen fruits and ice either thanks to good blades and multiple programs. 

The base is well built and has an easy to read control panel as well as suction cups to keep it from slipping. 

Some users do complain about the risk of spilling when opening the personal jars since you risk unscrewing the cup from the blades instead of the base. This will open the jar and spill its contents. Not a problem if you’re careful however.

Best Large – Blendtec Total Classic Original 


  • Large pitcher
  • Awesome blade quality
  • Self cleaning
  • Destroys ice thanks blade design


  • It is loud when blending ice
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Blendtec once again brings a strong contender to the blender game. This large capacity blender doesn’t just do a good job, it does it with a few unique features. More on that later.

Let’s address the most important point first. The pitcher on the Blendtec is huge, I don’t see myself ever using the entire thing but I usually don’t make big batches either. So if your 64 oz pitcher isn’t really cutting it then here is your answer

My favorite piece of tech in Blendtec is the blades. They are made out of hardened steel that spin at 300 mph and don’t actually cut the ingredients but crush them instead. This oddly enough works great for both crushing ice as well as making creamy smoothies.

Thankfully the large pitcher is self cleaning so all you need to do is add a bit of water and soap and you are good to go.


What is the best bullet blender for ice and frozen fruit?

NutriBullet’s 1,200-watt blender is your best option for specifically bullet blenders. This high power blender handles ice and frozen fruits with ease.

What is the best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit?

The Ninja professional blender is my top choice for crushing ice and frozen fruits. This thing has all the things you need like power and different settings and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Can you blend frozen fruit and ice?

Yes you certainly can. Be aware though that you need the right blender in order to get the best results. Check out this list of best blenders for ice and frozen fruits in order to find the one that suits you best.

What are the best blenders for making ice smoothies?

Ninja Professional Blender, Vitamix Explorian E310 and Vitamix “The Quiet One” are your best picks if you are looking for the best option for handling ice and frozen fruits.

Should a blender be able to blend frozen fruit?

Yes, depending on the blender though. If you have a blender that is up for the task you can definitely blend frozen fruit. Otherwise there is a risk of the smoothie not coming out great and even breaking the blender.

How many watts does a blender need to blend frozen fruit?

600 watts and more is my suggestion. But be sure to check that the blender is made to handle ice and frozen fruits before you buy.

Best blender for frozen drinks and cocktails?

The Ninja Professional Blender or the Blendtec Total classic are good picks for frozen drinks. The Ninja is a good all round blender and the Blendtec has blades that crush instead of cut, great as an ice crusher.

Most powerful blender?

The Vitamix “The Quiet One” is the most powerful on this list with 3 HP.

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