Philz Coffee Menu, Location, Beans And More

In this article I will be talking about Philz Coffee chain.

I have been to a few of their coffee shops when I was in California and I remember that I liked them a lot.

In recent years the chain has grown to around 60 stores in the US.

Since they are a growing chain I thought it would be nice to continue my series on coffee shops by giving you an introduction, as well as all you need to know on Philz Coffee.

Philz Coffee Menu

caribou coffee coffee and tea selection

Philz Coffee has a wide variety of drinks. 

Everything from the classic americano to more exciting drinks like the ginger snap. Of Course they also offer iced coffee and tea as well. 

Besides what you would expect from your regular coffee shop, Philz Coffee also lets you choose with blend you want for your americano. Since they make their own beens, you have a wide selection to choose from.

If you want the full menu you can check it out here.

Darker Blend Brew

Philz Coffee Aromatic Arabic

Smoke, Walnut, Earth

Philz Coffee Ether

Toffee, Cherry, Cinnamon

Philz Coffee Jacob’s Wonderbar

Dark Chocolate, Smoke, Nuts

Medium Blend Brew

Philz Coffee Silken Splendor

Dark Cocoa, Citrus, Butterscotch

Philz Coffee Philtered Soul

Hazelnut Flavor, Chocolate

Philz Coffee Tesora

Caramel, Nuts, Butter

Philz Coffee Julie’s Ultimate

Toast, Berry, Vanilla

Philz Coffee Philharmonic

Tesora, Cardamom, Mint

Lighter Blend Brew

Philz Coffee New Manhattan

Citrus, Cherry, Floral

Philz Coffee Ambrosia Coffee of God

Blackberry, Grape, Toast

Philz Coffee Dancing Water

Milk Chocolate, Grains, Cashew

Iced Coffee

Philz Coffee Ecstatic

Nuts, Toffee, Toast

Philz Coffee Honey Haze

Philtered Soul Cold Brew with Honey and Oat Milk.

Philz Coffee Gingersnap

Spices, Sweet, Creamy

Philz Coffee Mint Mojito

Fresh Mint, Sweet, Creamy

Philz Coffee Philtered Soul Cold Brew, 32 oz

Rich Hazelnut, Chocolate

Philz Coffee Mission Cold Brew, 32 oz.

Silky, Caramel, Malt

Philz Coffee Philtered Soul Cold Brew

Rich, Hazelnut Flavor, Chocolate

Philz Coffee Mission Cold Brew

Silky, Caramel, Malt

IPhilz Coffee ced Coffee Rosé

Rose, Sweet, Creamy


Philz Coffee Mocha Tesora

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cocoa. Base level is light sweet.

Philz Coffee Hot Chocolate

Milk Chocolate. Base level is light sweet.

Philz Coffee Locations

philz coffee

Where is the best Philz Coffee near me you might be asking yourself… Well check out this list of the most popular Philz Coffee shops or go on their website to see all the locations.

Philz Coffee Sacramento

There are two Philz Coffee shops in Sacramento. 

One on R street (1725 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811, USA) and one on Freeport Boulevard (4680 Freeport Blvd Suite 120, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA).

Philz coffee Palo Alto

There are two Philz Coffee shops on Palo Alto as well. 

One on Forest Avenue (101 Forest Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA) and one on Middlefield Road (3191 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA)

Philz Coffee San Jose

There are seven Phils Coffee shops in San Jose. 

The two most popular ones are on Frances street (125 S Frances St, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA) and on Stevens Creek Boulevard (19439 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA).

Philz Coffee Beans

Philz coffee beans

As you might know, Philz Coffee isn’t only a popular coffee shop chain, they make wonderful coffee beans as well.

They ofcourse serve their own coffee in their shops but you can also buy them online from amazon or their own online shop.

Philz Coffee Gift Card

For giftgiving, Philz coffee offers a physical giftcard that is shipped by mail with a nice letter for gifting.

If you are just looking to quickly purchase a giftcard then they have their digital giftcard that works just as well.

Philz Coffee Hours

The opening hours for Philz Coffee shops vary wildly but tend to be 7 days a week from 11 am at the latest to 6 pm at the earliest.

Check out the specific opening hours for your Caribou Coffee shop by choosing the one closest to you here.

Final Word

Now that you know everything you could want to know about Philz Coffee, the only thing left is to go out there and try it out for yourself.

So pick the Philz Coffee closest to you and go enjoy a delicious cup of joe.


Does Philz Coffee Have Food?

Yes, just like Starbucks and other well know coffee chains, Philz has a wide food menu.

Is Philz Coffee a Franchise?

Yes, Philz Coffee is a franchise.

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