Unraveling the Mystery of the Dutch Bros Straw Code

What is the Dutch Bros straw code and is it real?

The short version of the Dutch Bros straw code is that it is a “secret” system where the color of the straw you receive tells you what the barista thinks of you. 

Quick Color Scheme Rundown:

Pink straw: The barista thinks you are pretty

Blue straw: The barista thinks you are rude

Yellow straw: The barista thinks you are okay

Green straw: The barista thinks you are unsightly

I got introduced to this topic a few weeks ago by my friend. After she explained to me what the green straw in my cup meant I obviously didn’t believe her.

But I remember my former colleagues and I using this trick when I used to work in coffee shops.

So I leaped head first into this rabbit hole and here is what I learned about the Dutch Bros Straw code.

What Do The Colors Of The Dutch Bros Straw Code Mean?

dutch bros straw code

Before we try and find out if it’s real, let’s learn how to decipher it.

What Does a Pink Straw Mean? 

The pink straw means that the barista thinks you’re cute or pretty. Being the only positive color, this is obviously the one everyone wants to get.

What Does a Blue Straw Mean?

A blue straw at Dutch Bros is said to mean that the person who made your drink thinks you’re rude

What Does a Yellow Straw Mean? 

If you receive a yellow straw, it means you’re considered average or just okay. It’s neither a compliment nor an insult. But I think most of us would take it as an insult if I am guessing.

What Does a Green Straw Mean? 

A green straw might not be the one you want. It’s said to mean that you’re unsightly or ugly to the barista.

Where Did The Dutch Bros Straw Code Come From

The answer to this question is that no one knows

But I know that a lot of baristas, including myself, have used similar codes for a long time.

So I am guessing that people that had worked as baristas in other shops just brought this straw game idea with them from other coffee shops.

Even baristas get bored at times, so these types of games are actually more common than you might think.

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real?

The truth about the Dutch Bros straw code is still a mystery. Some customers swear it’s real, while others think it’s just a myth. 

Reading up on this it actually seems as if the regular customers tend to dismiss the rule more often than not.

I actually asked the baristas at my Dutch Bros but I didn’t find the answer; “It depends, some do some don’t” to be all that conclusive.


Honestly, I wouldn’t take the Dutch Bros straw code too seriously. 

It does seem that it exists, but not everyone follows it.

When I played similar games as a barista it was more of a once in a while thing. A fun way to pass the time. And I am guessing that it’s the same way at Dutch Bros.

This is how I would decipher the code; If you get a pink straw then the barista is probably playing the game. If you get another color they are definitely not playing the game.

But that’s just my opinion.

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