Best Reusable Nespresso Pods 2023 | Ultimate Guide

John Newbranch
Post date 07.31.2023

In this article I will be covering the best reusable nespresso pods.

Spoiler! The Mycoffeestar reusable nespresso pods is the best overall pods.

I have always had my issues with coffee pods. They are too expensive, they are wasteful, and I don’t get the same craftsmanship feel when using them.

Since I have worked as a barista for so long I really enjoy customizing my coffee, something you really can’t do that well with regular pods… Enter reusable pods.

Every MINUTE almost 40 000 coffee pods are manufactured of which 75% end up in landfills. So you will not only save your wallet by going for reusable Nespresso pods, you’ll be saving the environment as well.

I have tested a few reusable nespresso pods and read a tonne of reviews in order to give you guys the best alternatives for every category.

Table of Contents

  1. Mycoffeestar – Best Overall
  2. SealPod – Runner Up
  3. BlueCup – User Friendly
  4. WayCap – Budget Friendly alternative to Mycoffeestar

How Much Should You Spend On Reusable Nespresso Pods

You will probably be looking at about 20-30 dollars for one or two capsule (including tools) on average. Some on this list will be more expensive and some less. 

The ones that are more expensive will usually come with screw on lids which means you can reuse them indefinetly. But they can be a bit fidgety when wet.

The cheaper reusable nespresso capsules come with single use foil lids that you throw away after every use. These are easier to use but you will have to buy new ones now and then.

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List of Best Reusable Nespresso Pods

#1 Mycoffeestar – Best Overall

These are the OG coffee pods dating back to 2012. They are made entirely from stainless steel and will fit any Nespresso machine from 2003 forward. 

The high quality construction is what I believe makes these reusable coffee pods the best in terms of leakage. Some machines might need a silicone ring for sealing, but don’t worry that is included.

The one complaint that kept coming back amongst reviewers was that the lid is a bit tricky to screw on when the pod is wet.

However I did not find this to be that annoying ( but working in coffee shops does make you a pro at fidgeting with quirky products ) and simply keeping a towel nearby will fix this issue.

These high-quality reusable nespresso pods can be ordered directly from the manufacturer in Switzerland. Keep in mind that these reusable coffee pods are a bit expensive but they will last you a long time.

#2 SealPod – Runner up

The SealPod reusable capsules wins the “runner up” category since it falls a bit short on overall performance from the Mycooffeestar, but it does solve its one fault, the annoying lid.

Similar to the Mycoffeestar the SealPods reusable capsules are made out of stainless steel for a longer lifespan. 

They even have silicone covers so that you can store prefilled capsules without the coffee going bad.

Now sealing the capsules is done by putting a foil lid over each capsule. SealPod includes 100 of these lids and they can be easily disposed of with your other recycling. 

This system is a lot easier than the screw-on lid from Mycoffeestar but it does require the purchase of new lids, although they are cheap.

#3 BlueCup – User Friendly

BlueCup gives us another great option for an user friendly reusable nespresso capsule. 

They bring an unusual solution to putting the lid on the nespresso capsule. This “salt dispenser” lookalike is the tool you use to put the foil lid on the capsule.

Some of you might find this a bit gimmicky, but trut me, if you drink a lot of espresso this can be a real improvement in comfort. And most customer reviews actually agree to this.

#4 WayCap – Budget alternative to Mycoffee

WayCap offers an option in between Mycoffeestar and SealPod when it comes to ease of use and price. 

The WayCap reusable nespresso pods offer four different capsule lids depending on your grind size. This means you have a bit more freedom when it somes to choosing your grind size.

If you should go for a coarser grind however is up to you to decide, some users still stick to finer grind to avoid underextracted coffee.

Packing the reusable nespresso capsules is easy since they include a taper for easy filling and a tamper for packing the grounds. 

As mentioned there are 4 lids included in the WayCap. The screw on just fine but as with all reusable nespresso capsules they can be a bit fidgety, especially when wet.

All in all the WayCap is a good option for longterm use since even if the initial investment is a bit higher it will pay off in the long run since you dont need to buy new filters.


Do reusable Nespresso pods work well?

Yes, once you get the hang of using them they work great. But stick to reputable brands since those will guarantee the best results.

Which Nespresso use reusable pods?

Both the Orginial and the Vertuo line can be used with reusable nespresso pods.

Does Nespresso make reusable pod?

No there are for the moment no reusable nespresso pods made by Nespresso themselves. But there are o tonne of great aftermarket options. Check the list above.

What coffee is best for reusable coffee pods?

Here I would say that medium-roast beans are your best bet. But remember to choose a finer grind (fine medium or espresso grind) since the water passed very quickly through the coffee.

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