Can you Put Creatine in Coffee? Absolutley! Here Is Why

Can you put creatine in coffee? Yes you can absolutly add creatine to your coffee. 

As long as you let the coffee cool down a bit before adding the creatine you’ll be fine.

If its cool enough to drink, its cool enough to pour in your creatine.

I wanted to touch on this subject a bit since I actually asked myself this question not that long ago. I have been using creatine and coffee as a “budget PWO” for a while and hadn’t really done any research on it.

So a few weeks ago I sat down and checked out the science behind creatine in coffee. As well as consulted with my friend who is a nutrition specialist.

When I had gotten my answer I thought; why not write down my findings? Since I know that at least some of you guys have wondered the same thing.

can you put creatine in coffee

Understanding Creatine: More Than a Supplement

Creatine is an important substance. It’s found naturally in our bodies, primarily in muscle cells. It’s made from three amino acids – glycine, arginine, and methionine. Certain foods like red meat and fish are rich in creatine. 

People often take it as a supplement to enhance muscle performance. It’s popular among athletes, especially those in high-intensity sports.

Can You Put Creatine in Coffee? The Science Behind the Mix

Let’s get straight into our core question. Can you put creatine in coffee? The simple answer is yes. But there’s a bit more to it. 

Coffee’s temperature is important. High heat could potentially degrade creatine. This is why I would recommend letting your coffee cool a bit before adding the creatine. By doing this, you can enjoy your coffee without losing the benefits of creatine.

Can you Put Creatine In Hot Drinks? Fact or Fiction?

Another common query is about hot drinks in general. Can you put creatine in hot drinks? Again, the answer is yes. However, like coffee, the temperature is key. 

Higher temperatures can even be benefitial since it increases the solubility of creatine.

Excessive heat could turn some creatine into creatinine. This is a by-product of creatine metabolism. While it’s not harmful, it doesn’t offer the same muscle benefits as creatine. So, a little caution with the heat can ensure you get the most out of your creatine.

What Can You Combine With Creatine?

Now, let’s explore the possibilities. What can you combine with creatine? The options are vast. Creatine can be mixed with many liquids. Water and juice are popular choices. Smoothies offer another way to consume creatine.

Some people also blend it with protein powder. This mix gives you a dual benefit of protein and creatine. It’s a favorite among many fitness enthusiasts.

Creatine and Coffee: A Dynamic Duo?

The combination of creatine and coffee may seem unusual at first. But it could be an excellent choice. Coffee provides a quick energy boost and wakes up your mind. At the same time, creatine helps improve muscle performance. Together, they could provide a great start to your workout. 

So, next time you’re planning a workout, consider trying this duo. It has been my budget PWO for a long time.

Conclusion: Creatine and Coffee, a Match Worth Trying

In conclusion, yes, you can put creatine in coffee and hot drinks. Just remember to let them cool down first. Creatine’s versatility makes it suitable for combining with various drinks. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Find the blend that best suits your taste and workout needs. Enjoy your creativity with creatine and happy blending!

What Now?

Now you just have to go out and try for yourself!

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