Best Death Wish Coffee K Cups 2023 – Review And More

In this article I will go over the best death wish coffee K cups so that you know which one you should pick.

If you ever feel like a regular double shot of espresso doesn’t kick you into action like it used to you are in luck.

Adviretised as the strongest coffee on the market, death wish coffee has grown in popularity in recent years. They even make convenient K-cups to let you get the most caffeine with the least effort.

But is death wish coffee healthy? How much caffeine is in a death wish coffee pod? Wich death wish coffee pod is the best?

All valid questions! So stick around to get a barista’s opinion on which death wish coffee K-cup you should buy and why.

The Best Death Wish Coffee K-cups

Dark Roast Death Cups

Overall Score: 4.8 out of almost 3000 reviews

Flavor Profile: Subtle undertones of dark chocolate and black cherry

Roast shade: Dark Medium

Acidity: Medium Low

Body: Full

The OG Dark Roast but in the Death Wish coffee K cup form. 

With subtle undertones of chocolate and black cherry, this thing promises to shock your system into action in the morning.

As far as being the strongest coffee in the world… Probably not, although it is very strong you can definitely find stronger if you relly want to.

But that is besides the point. These Death Wish K cups deliver one of the highest caffeine counts per cup whilst also being great tasting.

Usually, strong coffee becomes overly bitter, that is not the case with any of death wish. They manage to keep their coffee strong and smooth at the same time. Probably the biggest selling point for its loyal customers.

So if you are looking to get into Death Wish coffee, these K cups are probably your best starting point.

Medium Roast Death Cups 

Overall Score: 4.8 out of almost 500 reviews

Flavor Profile: Subtle undertones of stone fruit and caramel

Roast shade: Medium

Acidity: Medium-High

Body: Medium-High

As you can see the Medium roast truly is the happy medium of all the death wish coffee K-cups. 

Making a medium roast coffee might seem weird for a company called Death Wish, but if you are looking for the caffeine without too bold of a taste, this might be for you.

Devoted fans of death wish coffee describe the medium roast coffee K cups as being just like the original, but with a little less bite. 

So if that sounds like something for you, go for it!

Espresso Roast Death Cups

Check Price

Overall Score: 4.8 from almost 400 reviews

Flavor Profile: Subtle undertones of caramalized sugar.

Roast shade: Dark

Acidity: Low-Medium

Body: Full

Organic and fair-trade as usuall these death wish coffee K cups are for the espresso lovers out there. 

Probably the most straight forward K cup that death wish coffee makes. It is basically described as great espresso with an extra kick.

A lot of customers describe the flavor as “good without being overwhelming” and the general feel of the roast to be closest to that of the Death Wish coffee Dark Roast K cups.

If you are into Espresso this one is for you. Once again, if you have any doubts, the reviews speak for themselves.

Vanilla Death Cups

Overall Score: 4.6 from almost 100 reviews

Flavor Profile: Warm, rich vanilla rounded out by notes of smooth, yet bold coffee. The aftertaste is pleasant, sweet vanilla with low bitterness.

Roast shade: Medium

Acidity: Medium-Low

Body: Medium-Full

The aroma of this blend is described as “rich vanilla balanced with familiar medium roasted coffee notes”. Whatever that means, people really seem to agree. 

Or they atleast agree that it is delicious.

A blend of arabica and robusta beans without artificial sweeteners and ofcourse fair trade. This coffee pod is for those of you who want that wake-me-up kick in the morning to be mixed with a little sweetness. 

Coming in at a dollar more per package than the others it is certainly worth a try if you ask me.

Odin Death Wish Cups

Overall Score: 4.9/5 from over 1200 reviews

Flavor Profile: Nutty and pleasant semi-sweet chocolate

Roast shade: Medium-Dark

Acidity: Medium-Low

Body: Medium-Full

Created with the help of guitar legend Zakk Wylde with beans from Indonesia and South America, these beans deliver a unique taste with the strength that you are used to with death wish coffee.

These Death Wish coffee K cups have gathered quite a following from those that like a “lighter”, less full bodied cup of joe. Or those that simply like to mix things up a bit.

I mean those 5 star reviews speak for themselves. 

What is Death Wish Coffee?

Before we get into the top pods we first need to get something straight? What is death wish coffee.

Death Wish Coffee is a brand of coffee that is known for its strong and high-caffeine content. 

It has marketed itself as “the world’s strongest coffee” due to its exceptionally high caffeine concentration. 

This coffee is made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are carefully selected and roasted to provide a bold and robust flavor profile. 

Despite the scary name and branding, death wish coffee has a soft side. Their coffee is organic and fair trade certified.

It has generally great reviews and a somewhat cult like following due to it standing out as a unique selection on the market.

Death Wish Coffee K Cups Caffeine Content

Death Wish coffee K cups contain 420 mg of caffeine each. It might not be the strongest coffee in the world but that is some serious kick. 


How Many Calories Are In A Death Wish Coffee K Cup?

Death Wish Coffee Coffee K cups (8 fl oz) contains 2 calories 0g total carbs, 0g net carbs, 0.1g fat and 0.3g protein.

How Strong Is Death Wish Coffee K Cup?

One Death Wish coffee K cup contains 420 mg of caffeine. 2 or 3 times your regular cup of coffee.

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