Best Coffee Books For Every Coffee Lover

In this article I have gathered a list of the top coffee books.

I chose these as the best cofee books based on my own reading, my friends recommendations as well as what people on coffee forums seemed to enjoy.

Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. It’s a world of rich flavors, fascinating history, and a vibrant culture that spans the globe.

For those who want to dive deeper into this captivating world, there are countless books that can guide you. Here, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best coffee books that every coffee enthusiast should have on their coffee table.

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Best Coffee Books

The List

Best Coffee Books for Beginners

These coffee books are great introductions into the world of coffee. Delving into all the “need to know” that any beginner should be aware of. But don’t be fooled, even if you are an experienced barista, reading these books won’t hurt.

The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman

This coffee book is a comprehensive guide for beginners. It covers everything from the origins of coffee, the different types of beans, to the brewing techniques. It’s like a world tour of coffee, all from the comfort of your home.

best coffee books

Craft Coffee: A Manual by Jessica Easto

Jessica Easto’s book is a practical guide for those who want to make better coffee at home. It breaks down complex coffee concepts into easy-to-understand language, making it perfect for beginners.

best coffee books

Best Books about Coffee History

This is kind of a soft spot for me. I am interested in history so combining my that passion with my love of coffee is a nobrainer. If you guys share my interests, or are looking into the history of coffee these coffee books about coffee history should be at the top of your list.

The Devil’s Cup by Stewart Lee Allen

This coffee book takes you on a historical journey of coffee. From its origins in Ethiopia to its spread across the globe, it’s a fascinating read for history buffs and coffee lovers alike.

best coffee books

Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast

Uncommon Grounds tells the story of coffee from a socio-economic perspective. It’s a must-read for those who want to understand the impact of coffee on global trade and culture.

best coffee books

Best Books on the Science of Coffee

Don’t be scared by the word science here. These books wont make you balance chemistry equations. Instead they dive deeper into the process of how coffee is made and why certain coffee is made a ceratin way. A must have for any serious barista.

The Craft and Science of Coffee by Britta Folmer

This book delves into the science behind coffee. From the chemistry of coffee roasting to the physics of brewing, it’s a fascinating read for those who want to understand what goes into making a perfect cup of coffee.

best coffee books

Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao

Scott Rao’s book is a deep dive into the world of non-espresso coffee brewing methods. It’s a must-have for those who want to explore beyond the world of espresso.

best coffee books

Best Coffee Table Books

These are the coffee books that won the genetic lottery for looks. But they also offer a nice read if you choose to pick them up.

Coffee table books about coffee is a nice lgical choice I think… Almost as good as Coffee table books about coffee tables but I think Kramer has a patent on that one.

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee by James Freeman

This book is not only informative but also beautifully designed. It’s a perfect coffee table book that combines stunning photography with insightful coffee knowledge.

best coffee books

Coffee Obsession by Anette Moldvaer

Coffee Obsession is a visually stunning book that explores the world of coffee. It’s a great conversation starter and a beautiful addition to any coffee table.

best coffee books

Best Books For the Professional Barista

These books are made for those of you who have a lot of experience in the field and would like to add a bit to your toolbox.

The Professional Barista’s Handbook by Scott Rao

This book is a comprehensive guide for professional baristas. It covers everything from coffee extraction to latte art, making it a valuable resource for those in the coffee industry.

best coffee books

Brewing Justice by Daniel Jaffee

Brewing Justice explores the ethics of coffee production and trade. It’s a thought-provoking read for anyone involved in the coffee industry. This is more oriented towards those of you that want to get into the coffee making buissness rather than the brewing side.

best coffee books


Whether you’re a coffee novice or a seasoned barista,

there’s a book on this list for you. Each of these coffee related books offers a unique perspective on coffee, from its rich history to the science behind brewing the perfect cup. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, settle into a comfy chair, and lose yourself in the wonderful world of coffee.

Remember, a well-designed coffee table with a selection of engaging books can be a great conversation starter. There’s no hard rule on how many books to display, but a mix of three or more of different sizes can create an appealing visual balance. And yes, any book can be a coffee table book, especially if it’s visually oriented and sparks interest.


How to Design a Coffee Table with Books?

Designing a coffee table with books is all about balance. Start with the largest book and then layer smaller books on top. Mix in other decorative items for visual interest.

How Many Books Do You Put on a Coffee Table?

There’s no hard and fast rule. However, a good rule of thumb is to have at least three books of varying sizes to create a balanced look.

Can Any Book Be a Coffee Table Book?

Yes, any book can be a coffee table book. However, coffee table books are typically larger and more visually oriented.

Do Coffee Table Books Have to Be the Same Size?

No, coffee table books can be of different sizes. In fact, having books of varying sizes can make your coffee table more visually interesting.

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