Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

In this article I will cover the best coffee beans for cold brew.

Spoiler: Dark roast single origin are the best coffee beans for cold brew.

As a barista, your main focus is always espresso drinks.

That’s no surprise, espresso is delicious and there is no greater feeling than creating that perfect latte art.

But in recent years I have really gotten into cold brew. The softer, sweeter taste opens up a new dimension in coffee for people who dislike the bitter taste usually associated with our favorite beverage.

Cold Brew Beans Buying Guide


When I am looking at beans for my cold brew, I like to focus on single origin beans for the most part since I enjoy the unique tastes. 

But that’s just me, there are some great blends out there for cold brew so don’t be afraid to experiment. 


Here you want to stick to dark roast for the most part. At this roast level, extracting the taste from the beans is easier, and the lower acidity of darker roasts is perfect.

Arabic vs Robusta

Even though the less acidic taste of arabica suits cold brew better generally speaking, I wouldn’t really say that pure Arabica is necessarily worth it. 

So unless you really want the best taste and are willing to pay for it, blend is the way to go.

The list

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass – Great Overall Choice

Kicking Horse Coffee is a beloved Canadian brand known for its high quality coffee. They source the finest organic beans globally, offering not just great taste but also a strong commitment to sustainability. They go so far as to mold-test every batch to ensure quality.

If you are looking for single-origin coffee for your cold brew, look elsewhere (further down the list). All the offerings from Kicking Horse are blends, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, some of the blends offered by Kicking Horse are better than a lot of single origin, plus KH makes only organic and fair trade products.

The best coffee beans for cold brew out of all the Kicking Horse offerings has to be the 454 Horse Power or the Kick Ass blends. It’s what they recommend, and I agree!

Its a dark roast from Indonesia with tastes from sweet tobacco and black licorice with clear aromas from cacao nib, peat and nutmeg.

As you might expect however, their coffee is not cheap. You get what you pay for when it comes to coffee and Kicking Horse is no exception.

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew – Best For Milk-Based Drinks

Stone Street Coffee is a well-regarded name in the world of specialty coffee. This New York-based roastery is dedicated to delivering top-tier coffee experiences to its customers.

With a focus on sourcing premium beans and precision roasting, Stone Street Coffee offers a unique blend of flavors and aromas that cater to the discerning coffee enthusiast.

What I love about Stone Street is that they have broken the mold of the typical start-up coffee brand gone big.

Instead of lowering the quality of its products to meet higher demand, Stone Street has managed to maintain the highest quality and small-batch roasting.

This translates to a great cold brew bean that delivers on all fronts. Not to mention its single origin from Colombia.

This darker roast brings out the smokey, chocolaty undertones of this wonderful bean and virtually removes the acidity associated with lighter roast coffee. Making it great if you are looking to make any milked-based drinks.

Coffee Bros Cold Brew – Unique Taste

Coffee Bros is a dynamic and passionate coffee brand that has taken the world of caffeine enthusiasts by storm.

With a relentless commitment to quality and a deep-rooted love for coffee culture, Coffee Bros has become a household name for those who savor the rich, aromatic experience of a perfectly brewed cup. 

What sets these beans apart from the rest is the wonderful taste combination of brown sugar, tart berries, and chocolate. The ingredients by themselves are not unheard of but the combination and the way it is executed is what makes it unique.

As I mentioned the Arabica robusta debate is ongoing and there isn’t really an answer to “Is it worth it or not?”. But for what it is worth the Coffee Bros Cold Brew beans are 100% Arabica which is still a plus in my book since they don’t overcharge for it anyway.

LifeBoost Coffee Dark Roast – Best Premium

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium coffee brand that offers a unique and exceptional coffee experience.

What sets Lifeboost apart is its unwavering commitment to providing coffee enthusiasts with the healthiest, highest quality, and most environmentally friendly coffee possible. If they fulfill their promise is up to you to decide, but I certainly believe so.

Their coffee is meticulously sourced from single-origin farms in some of the world’s most pristine coffee-growing regions, ensuring that each cup delivers a delightful taste that’s as pure as nature intended. 

Lifeboost Coffee is organically grown and meticulously tested for mycotoxins, making it a popular choice among health-conscious coffee lovers. 

Now all this sounds great, but what is the downside? Well, you have to pay a premium for sure. But if you want to upgrade your coffee experience once in a while, Lifeboost certainly offers a good way of doing so.

Although I don’t agree, some people say that these beans have a slightly more acidic taste. This can be a good thing if you are a fan of more acidic coffee. 

So if you are willing to pay for it, Lifeboost offers some of the best coffee beans for cold brew.

How To Make Cold Brew

Measure Your Coffee

Start by measuring out your coarsely ground coffee beans. Use a 1:4 coffee-to-water ratio as a general guideline. For example, if you’re using 1 cup of coffee, you’ll need 4 cups of cold water.

Combine Coffee and Water

In your large container or jar, add the measured coffee grounds. Then, slowly pour in the cold, filtered water. Gently stir the mixture to ensure all the coffee grounds are fully saturated.

Cover and Steep

Seal the container or jar with a lid to prevent dust and other particles from getting in. Let the coffee mixture steep in the fridge. The steeping time can vary, but 12-24 hours is a typical range. The longer you steep, the stronger the cold brew will be.


After the steeping period is over, strain the coffee to remove the coffee grounds. You can do this by using a fine-mesh sieve, a coffee filter, or a purpose-built cold brew coffee maker. If using a sieve, strain the coffee into a separate container.

Dilute (if desired)

Cold brew concentrate is strong, so you might want to dilute it before serving. You can do this by adding water or milk to taste. A common ratio is one part cold brew concentrate to one part water or milk, but adjust according to your preference.


Pour your cold brew coffee over ice and enjoy. You can add sweeteners, milk, or flavorings as desired.


Store any leftover cold brew concentrate in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. It’s convenient for making multiple servings without the need for a long steeping process each time.

Remember that cold brew coffee is highly customizable, so feel free to experiment with coffee bean types, steeping times, and ratios to find the flavor that suits your taste best. 

If you want tips for glass carafes to keep your coffee in be sure to check out my article here!

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are plenty of contenders for the best coffee beans for cold brew.

The most important thing is that you get started. Once you get going you can start perfecting your craft one piece at a time.

So what are you waiting for? Pick any of the coffee beans above and get steeping!


Best Grocery Store Coffee For Cold Brew

Dark roast single-origin beans are the ones to go for. Since all grocery stores differ I can’t give you a specific brand. If they are ground, however, you should stick to coarsely ground beans if you can find them.

Best Coffee For Nitro Cold Brew

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew is my recommendation here. The taste and aroma really match with the milky ingredients of the Nitro Cold Brew.

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